Wegner, Walnut, and Paper Cord

I have been quite busy and away from my posting lately. These chair have kept me quite busy. I had a set of ten to do and they are completed and shipped off to their new home. 
That said, I am in my new home as well. I almost went as far as these chairs did, Charleston, SC, but I stopped in Greenville, SC. That is of course my new residence. I finally am all in and back to work. 
Now that I am back at it, I have a new chair design that I will be showing off soon, I hope. I will be doing a lounge chair in the CH25 style as well. I look forward to talking about all that weaving. 

I love how the light creamy colored weave stands out on this walnut frame. I really enjoyed seeing this come together. 

I can’t seem to help myself when I finish a group of chairs. I just want to stack them and see what kind of geometric shapes come to life. I guess I also am just getting a feel for how I might place them together when I pack and ship them. Who knows what drives these things.


6 thoughts on “Wegner, Walnut, and Paper Cord

  1. Yes, It took a solid week to carve and shape all the backs not to mention the tim e to just select the walnut and steam bend it. Some of the backs were a curly walnut. That was a bugger to shape. I can't wait to do another ten!

  2. Caleb – chairs look very good. Thanks for sharing the info. As discussed I build, restore, cane and do rushwork. I am going to have to try the chair design they look good.

  3. Thanks Robert,I would like to see some of your work, especially, on Danish modern pieces. I am doing a CH25 Wegner lounge chair right now and I am going to do some posting on the build. Check back if you like that sort of stuff.

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