Comb Back Windsor Arm Chair Plans by Curtis Buchanan

So finally they are ready! What are they? These are full scale drawings of Curtis Buchanan’s comb back windsor arm chair that he made in his Youtube video series. If you have ever wanted to make one of these now is your chance to have all the details in a truly refined design.
These plans are not simply a “rough” design of the original. I took every effort to show exactly how his chair looks once completed. These are not plans intended to “simplify” the making of a really great chair design for the novice woodworker. (These drawings won’t talk down to you) They are for those that want to challenge themselves and make an heirloom piece. 
We truly feel that no detail is left out. I worked with Curtis for over a year, on and off, working on these to get them just right so that they as useful and as detailed as possible. 

Here is a Youtube video of Curtis talking about the plans, the DVD, and topography map of the seat that Jake did. That map is so awesome and really completes these plans. 
There are more to come. Watch for the continuous arm chair version that we hope to have completed in the coming months. For now go to Curtis’ website and purchase these. I don’t stand to profit from these (disclaimer). However, I simply wanted to work with an awesome craftsman and learn from the best while doing my part to make the sharing of this craft open to others. Your support will make it possible for more plans to come.


6 thoughts on “Comb Back Windsor Arm Chair Plans by Curtis Buchanan

  1. I'm half way through his youtube video, it's fantastic, it gave me a lot of insight into a chair build. Honestly the best video series on youtube. Give yourself a few days to watch it. When i'm done i'll be sure to send Curtis a big thank you.Tyler

  2. Caleb I am at Curtiss's this week having a blast and have obtained my copy of the plans and DVD's. Great job on the drawings, it's hard to put into words how fantastic they are.People like Curtis are few and far between these days, very giving in so so many ways. If you are a Windsor chair maker or even think you want to be you owe it to yourself to purchase these very reasonably priced plans and DVD's.

  3. Ray, So glad you got to make it to his class. Hope your week is exceptional. Glad you liked the plans as well. They got a real run through up at the North Bennet Street School so they have been vetted quite well. Enjoy!

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