Free Wooden Smoothing Plane Plans

So here we go again. It looks like you folks are having fun making some wooden planes so lets add to the fun. Here is a great little coffin shaped smoother for your collection. This is a fantastic size and a great introduction to making a wooden bench plane. The construction of the parts is a very typical arrangement and the size of wood needed to make this is much easier to find.

Here are the plans in several different layouts. The download has four pages. First one is for shop reference with measurements and lays out everything logically but not intended to be to scale. The second is for printing to scale all on one page but is on a large standard size paper of 11″ x 17″. The last two pages are for printing to scale on your home printer paper of 8-1/2″ x 11″.

As with other free plans I offer, I have one request and that is if you want to post these anywhere else online please link back to this page/ post. I offer these as a free download but they are not intended for commercial use. Again please limit the use of this design to your personal use and please don’t be silly and try to sell them on Ebay. It is FREE! and it is © copy right protected.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE DOWNLOAD PAGE. (Click on the download button in the upper right corner of the new page to begin download.)

NOTE: The plans are in PDF format. If you don’t have a PDF reader Adobe Acrobat is a free software that will make it viewable and printable. Make sure where ever you print it that the “scale” is set to 100% or the measurements won’t be accurate on the print. You may need to unselect “fit to page” when printing.

If I made any errors anywhere in the plans please let me know so I can update them.

UPDATE: See videos of this plane for an unclose look here.


7 thoughts on “Free Wooden Smoothing Plane Plans

  1. Ray,If you get a couple planemakers floats you will really enjoy the process. A ~10˚ edge and side float will make a big difference in fitting the wedge and a bed float will make getting the blade set firmly much easier. Once you make one that works good you will be hooked, I promise.

  2. If any are adventurous you can make your own planemakers floats. Get a 18” x 1” x .125” flat bar of S7 tool steel. Cut in 6” lengths and make the teeth with a triangle file with the tooth angle @ 80˚. Heat treat to 1725˚, air quench to 150˚, double temper at 450˚ in 1 hour cycles cooling to 150˚between tempers.The bar+shipping will probably run you about $30. Use any wood you want for the handles. Drill the holes for the handle before you heat treat.

  3. Thank you for sharing all these plans, and thank you for keeping the art alive with the planes you're making.A comment to others who see your site but are intimidated by the idea of making the floats… I had surprising success making a joinery float (should have started with side float, lot less filing!) I used 1084 steel which takes all the guesswork out of heat treating. It's available from just a couple small suppliers but easy to find w/ googling 1084 steel. It is what I found was widely and strongly recommended on knife making forums for folk trying to heat treat at home. Great steel, but also much more forgiving when heat treating. I found it easy (the heat treating part) and if I can do it, anyone can. While I'm interested in woodworking tools, not knives, I found so much more refined info on tool making on the knife making forums than in most woodworking forums. It opened up the possibility of making a variety of tools.

  4. Thats interesting. I can agree totally that most woodworking forums on the subject leave much to be desired. I have found my best info on the knife makers forums as well. I should venture out and try some other material for floats. Thanks for sharing.

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