Beech Wood for Planemaking – UPDATE!

UPDATE: In addition to the supplier below try Rare Woods USAThe owner is Rory though anyone one can help you that answers the phone. He is from South Africa and began importing exotic lumber to the US about five years ago. He is not new to the business since he worked with exotic lumber in South Africa for about 25+ years. I learned of his exceptional stock of woods from Tim Manney. Thanks Tim! He spoke well of Rory and after speaking to him myself I got the same vibe. He really knows his wood and very quickly understood what I was inquiring about. He does have a minimum order so please be aware of that. Currently it is $300+ shipping. This accounts for his valuable time in selecting the right boards that you may want. He also has quarter sawn European steamed beech for plane making up to 8/4. I encourage you to check out his video about his lumber on his home page. You will see what a unique place he has. If you buy from him please let me and others know your experience by posting in the comments below. I have not purchased anything from him but wanted to pass on the source.

Have you ever heard of over promising and under delivering. Guilty as charged.

Several months ago I offered to sell beech blanks for those that have been looking for some to make moulding planes. I unfortunately have yet to deliver on that offer. I have a number of readers that I presume are still waiting on me. Sorry!

Well thanks to Doug Moulder (a blog reader) I have an out. He found a good supplier in Ohio. The beech supplier regularly (according to him) supplies makers such as Matt Bickford with their plane stock. I wanted to pass on his information to those that are in need. I can’t vouch for any of his material but he does have 100% positive feedback on eBay since 1998 and Doug Moulder made some nice planes from his stock.

Mike is his name and his number is 740-310-3984. He goes by user name Logbuyer on eBay. If you have used his wood and made planes from it please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

I really hope this helps anyone that is trying to get some wood to make a few planes. By the way his current prices are better than I would have been able to offer.

Happy making!


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