New Plane Stamp by Blacksmith Peter Ross

If you have been keeping up with the blog then you may have noticed that I don’t stamp the toe of my planes. I have had a custom stamp for my furniture for a long time but my planes have gone nameless. I wanted something that was authentic to stamp my planes. Now I have it!

I asked Peter Ross if he would be willing to make me a plane stamp just like blacksmiths made for planemakers a couple hundred years ago. If you aren’t familiar with Peter Ross then you may remember him from Roy Underhill’s show The Woodwright’s Shop. He is a regular and makes historical tools the way they were made originally.

I am so glad he agreed to make me one. I am so pleased with the results of my stamp. It is better than I could have hoped for. Just look at the results. I think this has added a true authentic feel that matches all the work I try to impart into the planes I make.

 Jack plane
Smoother and Jointer. Right is freshly oiled while the left is an older plane. Both beech of course.

Now, I am ready for Woodworking in America. See you there!


6 thoughts on “New Plane Stamp by Blacksmith Peter Ross

  1. I'm jealous of your stamp Caleb, very authentic. I just have the individual tool and die makers letter punches, that I stamp-MOULDER- on my moulding planes with.Talked the wife in going to the WIA, just for the Marketplace, on Saturday-hope to find you there.later,doug

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