Tapered Bench Plane Blades Production Progress

So I have the blades back after machining and they look great. I just need to get these heat treated now. The larger ones are a bit too big to heat treat like I currently do my moulding plane blades which I do myself in-house. I want these to be heat treated without having to do a lot of flattening afterwards. 
I have a stamp designed for marking the blades. That will take some time to get but look forward to having that to complete the look. 
I stuck a blade in my trusty smoother that never leaves my bench top just to see how it will look. It looks great to me. What do you think?
Smoother with new blade

I am busy working away trying to get other things lined up for the Hand Tool Event in Charleston with Lie-Nielsen on March 28-29th. Also my website has been down for about a year now as I rework it. It is time to get that finished and back up and running. 
This computer keeps demanding my attention when all I want to do is be working in the shop. Back to normal soon enough.

4 thoughts on “Tapered Bench Plane Blades Production Progress

  1. Thanks Doug, I need to decide on my approach to the heel stamps. There is such a wide variety of styles to numbering planes. I think I may just leave them unnumbered. It is not as though I have hundreds of different planes. We will see.

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