Continuous Arm Windsor Chair Plans Are Here

Ok if you haven’t already gotten an email from Curtis Buchanan about his continuous arm chair plans being up on his website for sale then here is your notice. If you already know about them then this is just the snooze alarm going off. Wake up and go get your plans. If you want them that is.

Curtis and I spent about eight months getting these put together. They include the full scale turning patterns, bending forms, seat carving topography map as well as a front and side view in 1:2 scale. I think you will find that this takes these plans a step above the previous one. We considered full scale but then the plans just get to be impractical to use in the shop for reference. Plus I think this size looks kinda cool just hanging on the wall in the shop. Heck, maybe frame them as some shop art. That may be taking it too far but thats just me.

I have had about all I can take of sitting at the computer as of late. I can do technical drawings but I much prefer to make stuff. Though I do hope to get around and put together a small project for those that want something to try out in the Danish furniture vein of things. I do love my Danish modern furniture. It is where I started and probably won’t ever venture completely away from it.

I hope you all are enjoying this awesome spring weather. Well I am. If you are not then I hope you do soon.

Take care all!


2 thoughts on “Continuous Arm Windsor Chair Plans Are Here

  1. Any chance Curtis will walk through this one with a set of videos? I guess the only major departure from what he's already done would be the continuous arm (bending and installing) – which is why I ask.Regards,Mike

  2. Yes Mike. Curtis is filming the chair build right now. He wanted to do this one opposite to the first one. This time he wanted to have the plans ready for everyone that wanted them before he started putting up the videos. I have no idea when he will start posting them but if you subscribe to his channel on YouTube then you will get notified just as soon as they come available. I am sure he will call me and I will post something about it as well.

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